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The BC Barbers' Association (BCBA) Registry of Barber Professionals is a voluntary, independent registry that is recognised across Western Canada as a searchable database of Certified Cosmetology Professionals.
The Registry forms a database of individuals who have trained and are qualified to conduct a professional role within the Barbering  Industry. If you’re serious about your profession, your craft and your career, belonging to a recognized association can be a game-changer. Once you belong, you are a part of a Professional Registry.
BCBA’s responsibilities and duties are many and varied;

  • Developing the Standards that form the basis of recognised hair and beauty qualifications through Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) and BarberSafe Certification.
  • The creation of Codes of Practice and Industry Guidelines.
  • The creation of the Registry of Barber Professionals.
  • Advanced skills training and education opportunities for Members and Educators as well as additional skills and business related support to those working in Barbering Industry.

The registry was created to assist business owners, employers and individuals to raise standards and professionalism within our industry. The Barber Industry is unregulated and anyone can operate without any training and qualifications therefore the registry highlights qualified workers operating in Barber Shops. The registry is also searchable by consumers.


  • Show your commitment to raising standards and quality across the Barbering Industry.
  • Evidence your continuing professional development through BCBA’s educational classes and events.
  • Enhance your employability with evidence that you have met industry training standards.
  • Stand out from the untrained work force operating in the industry.


  • Personalised BCBA membership card showing your commitment to certification.
  • Free public registry listing searchable by consumers.
  • Save hundreds of dollars with exclusive savings and special offers including insurance, travel and financial services.
  • Say Connected within our Industry! Get regular industry updates, news and emails.
  • Save on advanced education courses offered through the BCBA.


To register as a certified professional, individuals must provide evidence of qualifications and experience from a recognised industry training facility and have passed the BCBA Certificate of Qualification examination in Barbering.

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